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Admission Criteria

The consecutive Master’s study programme follows on from the International Forest Ecosystem Management (B.Sc.) and Forestry (B.Sc.) bachelor programmes and is also suitable for applicants with other bachelor degrees relating to (forest) ecosystems/sustainable natural resource management and socio-ecological system research. This includes, in particular, degree programmes in the following fields:

  • agriculture and forestry, agricultural and forestry sciences;
  • nature conservation, environmental sciences (excluding environmental technology);
  • environmental and resource economics
  • teaching qualifications in the above areas of science, provided both teaching subjects are part of the above areas of science.

Since the course is taught in English, very good knowledge of English language is required. Therefore, all applicants must provide evidence of their proficiency in the English language to meet the admission requirements: European Reference Framework level of B2 or above, or comparable qualifications. Applicants whose native language in their home country is English are not required to submit a language proficiency certificate. Where candidates are still awaiting proof of English proficiency at the time of admission, provisional admission may be granted. The corresponding proof shall be submitted by the time of the second semester re-registration.

Study Places

The number of students is confined to 25.

State of origin

Applicants with German degree certificates apply directly at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development.

Students with foreign certificates must first send their application to UNI-ASSIST in Berlin. Please use the application form of UNI-ASSIST or use the online application procedure of UNI-ASSIST.

You can download an explanatory document for the UNI-ASSIST application procedure in English or German on this site or directly navigate to the website: www.uni-assist.de.


Prospective students with a degree in Germany apply directly to HNE Eberswalde until 15. July

Prospective students with a degree from outside Germany apply if possible until 01. June (for non-EU citizens) / 05. September (for EU-citizens) via www.uni-assist

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