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During a visit Besuch_Delegation-Universidad-del-Quindio_Kolumbien_190318_CN_012_cut_500pxof a delegation from the "Universidad del Quind├şo" (Colombia) to the Department of Forests and Environment on 19th March 2018, the common aim of cooperation was confirmed by the signing of a cooperation agreement. In particular, a student exchange and the possibility of joint project work (practical semesters abroad) are to be initiated for the IFEM programme.

From left to right: Norbert Pudzich, Luis Fernando Polan├şa, Obando, Christoph Nowicki, Wilhelm-G├╝nther Vahrson, Jos├ę Fernando Echeverry Murillo,
Pierre Ibisch, Peter Spathelf, Gustavo Botero Echeverry. Image: Hnee


Brown-bag talk at ICIMOD in Kathmandu

ICIMOD_600pxOn the 02nd of November 2017 Professor Spathelf held a brown-bag talk at ICIMOD in Kathmandu on the topic 'Climate change adaptation of forests in Brandenburg'.

ICIMOD is a knowledge centre supported by 8 countries of the Himalaya region for the integrated sustainable development of mountain regions.


Scientific Evening Lecture at the German Physical Society Berlin

On 23 May 2017, Professor Spathelf gave a lecture on 'Forests, development and climate change' at the Magnus House of the German Physical Society (DPG) in Berlin. Forests are central natural resources and cover a considerable part of the earth's surface. Important current processes of global forest area development and the importance of forests for sustainable development were discussed. In addition, the role of forests in climate change and the importance of sustainable forest management were discussed.

The discussion was chaired by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eberhardt, Scientific Director Magnus-Haus Berlin.

Bonn Climate Change Conference 2017

Steffen Dehn, student of "International Forest Ecosystem Management", participated as delegate of the "International Forestry Students Association (IFSA)" in May 2017 at the "Bonn Climate Change Conference" of the United Nations.
Here is a link to a short video on Facebook in which he looks back on an eventful week.

Professional field presentation 2017

On Wednesday, 25 April 2017, students of the International Forest Ecosystem Management (IFEM) study programme had the opportunity to attend a presentation on the "old problem" of the not clearly defined occupational field.

Therefore, the former IFEMs brought their experiences in education and profession closer to the current students and gave their view on the possibilities and potentials of the study programme - there is a life after IFEM!


Visit from Canada

Prof. Sandy Smith 2 v.r.

Prof. Sandy Smith (pictured 2nd from right) from the University of Toronto visited the Department of Forest and Environment on September 12, 2016. Interesting cooperation possibilities in the field of student exchange, the development of joint courses and research were explored. A possible technical focus of the future cooperation is seen in the area of 'Urban forestry'.

Image: hnee

Forest Landscape Restoration


Dr. Peter van der Meer and Rosa Diemont (in picture 1. and 2. upper right row) from the VHL in Larenstein (Netherlands) made important contributions to the block 'Forest Landscape Restoration' with lectures on Tropical Forest Rehabilitation and Community Forestry in Suriname.

This block was the last joint event of most Ifem students in 2013.

Image: hnee

Diversification of pine reforestations in Spain

Professor Jos├ę A. Reque , Professor of Forestry at the University of Valladolid in Palencia (Spain), gave an impressive lecture on the diversification of pine reforestation in central Spain. He used state-of-the-art interactive learning techniques and 'flipped classroom' approaches to take students with him and encourage them to bring their own ideas for improving the management of these pine forests into the discussion.

Visit to Ukraine

Professor Spathelf visited Professor Vasyl Lavnyy from the National Forestry University of Ukraine (UNFU) in Lviv (Lemberg) within the framework of the project 'Civil Society Engagement for Sustainable Forest Management - Supporting Democracy through the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Discourse and Transparency of Promoting Forms of Cooperation' (Head: Prof. Ibisch). Joint publications on the pine industry in Ukraine and on near-natural silviculture are in preparation.

Professor Vasyl Lavnyy visits the faculty

in Chorin 02.2016 Dietmar Discher Lubosh Blasko_1000

In February 2016 Professor Vasyl Lavnyy (right) from the Lemberger Forstuniversit├Ąt was a guest at the department.

In the context of the project "Civil society engagement for sustainable forest management - support of democracy through the promotion of interdisciplinary discourse and transparency in promoting forms of cooperation" he deals with sustainable near-natural forest management in Germany and how this could be transferred to management approaches in the Ukraine, especially in the pine industry. Of particular interest are the possibilities for stakeholders to influence the development of management plans.

Image: hnee

Professor Dr. Spathelf in Larenstein

From 05 to 08 January 2016 Prof. Spathelf visited the Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands as part of the ERASMUS exchange of lecturers and discussed possibilities of student exchange and scientific cooperation.


Talks and excursions in Serbia

ILFE Novi Sad

From 30 November to 04 December 2015 Prof. Spathelf visited the Institute for Lowland Forestry and Environment (ILFE) of the University of Novi Sad in Serbia. The aim of the stay was to discuss the application for funding for a research network (MOEL-SOEL tender of the BMBF). On an excursion to the Kruska Gora National Park, a variety of mixed deciduous forests (mainly oak, lime and hornbeam) could be admired.


Images: hnee

As a guest in Eberswalde


Image: Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf

Eberswalde, 25.09.2015. Last week Professor Ayan from Kastamonu University in the Turkish provincial capital of the same name (right) and Professor Reque from the University of Valladolid were guests at the Department of Forests and Environment and in the Forest Botanical Gardens as part of Erasmus Mobility.

During an excursion in the Eberswalde and Chorin area, current silvicultural issues were discussed and joint project ideas were concretized.

Prof. Ted Wilson as guest at the faculty

Ted Wilson Image: Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf

From 30 June to 10 July 2015, forest farmer Prof. Ted Wilson (Toronto University) was a guest of Prof. Spathelf at the Department of Forests and Environment. In a very entertaining and interesting guest lecture he discussed the possibilities and limits of Continuous Cover Forestry in Great Britain.

In addition, possibilities for further cooperation in research and teaching were discussed.

  Ted_Wilson2_1000   Image: Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf

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