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International Forest Ecosystem Management (B.Sc.)




Head of the study programme

Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf

Prof. Dr. Spathelf

Tel.: +49 3334 657-171
E-Mail: Peter.Spathelf@hnee.de

Study programme coordinator

Christoph Nowicki


Tel.: +49 3334 657-164
E-Mail: Christoph.Nowicki@hnee.de 


Application information

Astrid Schilling

Astrid Schilling

Tel.: +49 3334 657-167
Fax: +49 3334 657-162
E-Mail: Astrid.Schilling@hnee.de 

Latest News

Peter Spathelf at SLU_2018_corr

Guest lecture in Sweden

On November 30th Prof. Spathelf gave a lecture on 'Continuous-Cover-Forestry in Germany' at the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU). Close-to-nature forest management or permanent forest management is also a much discussed forest management approach in Sweden.

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Deans Day at the HNE Eberswalde

On the 13th November 2018 an exchange of information took place at the HNE Eberswalde between representatives of the forestry faculties and departments in Germany (so-called Dean's Day) The discussions focused on questions of education, the development of student numbers, digitisation in research and teaching as well as internationalisation. The aim is to hold the meeting every 2 years.

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02-20180928_IFEM_20.Jubilaeum (17)_Annika Bischof_low-500

New IFEM-Partner: European Wilderness Society

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm-Günther Vahrson, President of Eberswalde University for sustainable Develpment and Max A E Rossberg (left), Chairman of the European Wilderness Society, signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding fostering joint activities
for the IFEM-Study Programme.

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01-IFEM-20 jaehriges Jubilaeum_2809918_CN_0035_Low_Jonas Sitte-500px

Image: Jonas Sitte

02-20180928_IFEM_20.Jubilaeum (17)_Annika Bischof_low-500

Image: Hnee

20 Years Anniversary Symposium of the Bachelor Study Programme International Forest Ecosystem Management

With over 150 guests, the IFEM programme celebrated its 20th anniversary on 28 September 2018. In addition to the IFEM-partners (Dr. Elke Mannigel (OroVerde), Simon Mader (Querdenker / FuturoVerde) and Dr. Michael Haubold-Rosar (Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften e.V. Finsterwalde) and international guest speakers (PhD Peter van der Meer (Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands) as well as Max Rossberg (European Wilderness Society, Austria)), many alumni were guests.

After the festive programme with exciting lectures and humorous memories of the early days of the study programme, the alumni and IFEM students used the opportunity for exchange and cheerful togetherness with live music and grilled game sausages or cheese until late in the evening.

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Bachelor`s Degree

The Bachelor’s Degree is the first university qualification.

It is usually given following a programme of six semesters and a successfully completed bachelor’s thesis.