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Waste Management

Separation and disposal of waste at the HNEE

Residual waste, waste paper, recyclables and glass

3-way separating trash cans for paper, residual waste and recyclables are located at all workplaces and in all buildings as well as outside on the campuses. If you have further need for trash cans, please contact the Property and Environmental Management Department (LUM).
Central waste collection areas with containers for the disposal of glass, paper as well as household-type commercial waste are located behind buildings 2, 3 and 16.

Batteries / Accumulators

Batteries are taken back for recycling by the company "Stiftung GRS Batterien". The HNEE does not incur any costs. Collection points are located in
- House 2 (ground floor in the staircase, 3rd floor in the hallway)
- House 5 (1st floor in front of the ITSZ)
- House 17 (entrance area of the refectory)

Printer cartridges / toner cartridges

are collected centrally in
- House 5 (1st floor in front of the ITSZ)
and - if possible - refilled (for employees only!)

Special waste

For the disposal of office furniture, electrical appliances, computer equipment, etc., please first fill out a disposal application and have it signed in the Budget and Procurement Department (for emplyees only!)
For any necessary transportation, please contact the Property and Environmental Management Department (LUM).
Furniture and electrical equipment that can still be used will be stored internally and passed on as needed.

Cigarette butts

Waste receptacles for the disposal of cigarette butts are located in the smoking pavilions on the City and Forest Campus. Please note that smoking is absolutely prohibited in some locations and is indicated by appropriate signs.

Organic waste

Garden waste is composted at the Forest Botanical Garden, including plant debris generated during maintenance of the raised beds of the student initiative Campus Gardeners. Leaves as well as lawn and shrub cuttings from the university green areas are disposed of professionally by Lebenshilfe gGmbH. The collection of organic waste from the refectory is carried out by the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder).
Additionally, there is a central collection container at the city campus behind house 2

Hazardous waste

Chemical waste from the laboratories is collected and disposed of centrally once per semester by the Property and Environmental Management Department (LUM).
For other hazardous waste such as fluorescent tubes, old lamps, bulky waste, used oil, paints, varnishes, glues, etc., a disposal form must be filled out. Disposal is carried out by arrangement via the Property and Environmental Management Department (LUM).



Here you can find the disposal form (Entsorgungsformular) (Excel-File) for download.

If you have any further questions regarding waste management, please contact the Property and Environmental Management Department (LUM). Contact: