Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Caroline Dabard


Research Fellow

M.Sc. Global Change Management

Phone:    +49.3334.657.510

E-mail:     caroline.dabard@hnee.de

Research interests

The overarching goals of my academic engagement are to participate in sustainability research to understand how science can support the ‘great transformation’. Transformation, transition, innovation and transdisciplinarity are inspiring keywords. Yet their concrete implementation features remain often fuzzy. It is the messiness of real-world changes that I am most interested to understand and make use of in my research.

I am currently carrying out a doctoral research project on biosphere reserves and their linkages with (urban) surroundings. I aim to explore these interconnections as a potential ground for sustainability innovations at a regional level. Thus, the goal is to support biosphere reserves as model regions for sustainability, by using them as catalysts for innovation in their regions, especially in connection with surrounding cities. The first step consists in theoretical research on biosphere reserves as bridging organisations for innovation. In a second step, the theoretical findings will be compared to chosen biosphere reserves. In-depth case study research of specific innovation processes taking place in biosphere reserves allows for cross-case comparison and theory revision and consolidation. The biosphere reserves are chosen in regards with existing innovation processes and with existing linkages with close-by cities.

Bachelor/ Master Thesis

If you are interested in completed a Bachelor or Master thesis within this project, do not hesitate to contact me. Potential topics include: analysis of urban-rural linkages in the context of (chosen) biosphere reserves; good-practice examples of sustainability innovations in chosen biosphere reserves; social network analysis in innovative biosphere reserves; ...

Curriculum vitae

Since 10/2019 Research fellow at the Biosphere Reserves Institute Eberswalde (HNEE): doctoral research on Biosphere reserves, urban-rural linkages and sustainable innovations

2019-2022       Permaculture Design Apprenticeship (Permakultur Akademie)

2019-2020       WanderCoaching Training (Netzwerk N)

2016-2019       M.Sc. Global Change Management (HNEE)

2019                Master thesis: Action research meets permaculture: design for a learning journey

2011-2015       B.A. Political Science (SciencesPo Paris)

2014-2014      Erasmus studies at Leipzig University

2016- 2019    various internships and student assistant positions at: HNEE (education for sustainability; student coaching), IASS (digitalisation and impacts for sustainability), international garden Lichtenberg (education for sustainability); UFZ Leipzig (ecosystem-based adaptation); Environmental Centre Dresden (education for sustainability); Helene-Maier Stiftung (organic farming), Meteodyn (renewable energy policy), …