Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Caroline Dabard


Research fellow and Ph.D. candidate

M.Sc. Global Change Management

E-mail:     caroline.dabard@hnee.de

Research interests

The overarching goal of my academic engagement is to participate in sustainability science as a mean to support the ‘great transformation’. I wonder how to navigate scientifically through the messiness of transformation, innovation and transdisciplinary sustainability studies.

I am currently carrying out a doctoral research project on biosphere reserves and their role as catalyser for sustainability innovation. I wonder how these model regions for sustainable development support regional innovations. Furthermore, I explore how the close vicinity of urban areas may influence sustainability innovations in biosphere reserves. Indeed, cities are usually considered as hotspots for innovation. In Europe, a vast majority of biosphere reserves are located within 50 km of urban areas. Hence, how can biosphere reserve support sustainability innovation and how do urban-rural linkages influence regional innovation processes? After developing an analytical framework for sustainability innovation, I explore two case study biosphere reserves in Western Europe and aim to unravel regional innovation dynamics in a space-sensitive manner.

Bachelor/ Master Thesis

If you are interested in completed a Bachelor or Master thesis within this project, do not hesitate to contact me. Potential topics include:

Social network analysis of innovative actors in the case study biosphere reserves;

Analysis of urban-rural linkages in the context of the case study biosphere reserves;

In-depth case study of chosen sustainability innovations.

Curriculum vitae

Since 10.2019 Research fellow and Ph.D. candidate, Biosphere Reserves Institute

2019-2020 Permaculture Design Apprenticeship, Permakultur Akademie

2019-2020 Coaching Training, WanderCoaching Netzwerk N

2016-2019 M.Sc. Global Change Management, HNEE

2019 Master thesis: Action research meets permaculture: design for a learning journey

2011-2015 B.A. Political Science, SciencesPo Paris

2014-2015 Two Erasmus semesters at Leipzig University

2011-2014 Five semesters in B.A. Philosophy, Université Paris-Sorbonne

2016-2019 Various internships and student assistant positions include: student coach and research assistant at HNEE, intern and student assistant at IASS (digitalisation and impacts for sustainability), intern at Interkultureller Garten Lichtenberg (education for sustainability); intern at UFZ Leipzig (ecosystem-based adaptation); volunteer at Umweltzentrum Dresden (FÖJ education for sustainability); and volunteer at Helene-Maier Stiftung (FÖJ organic farming).