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Information on start of our study programmes in winter semester 2020/2021

Processing status 26.6.20

The lecture period begins for the Bachelor's programs in Wood Technology (Bachelor and Bachelor dual, HT), Mechatronics in Wood Engineering (MT) and all Master's programmes: Forest Information Technology (FIT), Forestry System Transformation (FST), Global Change Management (GCM), Regional Development and Nature Conservation (RUN), Management in Organic Agriculture (ÖAM), Education Sustainability Transformation (BNT) and Biosphere Reserves Management (BIOM), Wood Technology (HT), Sustainable Business Management (NU), Sustainable Tourism Management (NTMon 5.10.2020.

The lecture period begins for the Bachelor's programmes in Forestry (FW), International Forest Ecosystem Management (IFEM), Landscape Management and Nature Conservation (LN), Organic Farming and Marketing (ÖLV) and Business Management (UMon 2.11.2020

Many courses of study offer introductory courses and bridge courses, some of which start 1 to 2 weeks earlier (see below for details).
We strongly recommend that you make use of these offers, as they will introduce you to important procedures and contact persons as well as to our campus management system EMMA, through which you can, among other things, view your curriculum, select your elective subjects and obtain teaching materials.

Please note that we will keep updating this page continuously until the start of the lecture if there are any changes in the schedule.
Here you will find all information on how to get to Eberswalde.

Offers for all first-year students

Ceremonial matriculation celebration on 28.10.2020 from 10 am in “Stadthalle in the Familiengarten” for all first-semester students of Bachelor and Master study programmes.

Buddy programme for international university entrants

Please also note the Buddy-Programm of our university for international first-year students. If required, the HNEE match international first-year students with experienced students (buddies) who will help them to get an easy entry into the university and life in Eberswalde.

University Library

In order to give you an overview of the university library, its premises and work opportunities, it offers a range of training courses.

Click here for an overview of the librarys services.

Detailed information on the start of studies in the individual study programmes

Faculty of Forest and Environment

Information will follow!

You find more information on this on the respective websites (www.hnee.de/fowi, www.hnee.de/ifem, www.hnee.de/fst, www.hnee.de/fit, www.hnee.de/gcm)

Faculty of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation

Information will follow!

You find more information on lecture plans and more on the respective websites (www.hnee.de/oelv, www.hnee.de/lanu, www.hnee.de/run, www.hnee.de/oeam)

Faculty of Wood Engineering

Information will follow!

Faculty of Sustainable Business

Information will follow!

We wish you a pleasant and successful beginning of your studies!