Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Students’ Union (AStA) of the University for Sustainable Development

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AStA of the HNE Eberswalde

Schicklerstraße 5

16225 Eberswalde


Mensa, City Campus


House 4, 1st floor


The Students’ Union (AStA) is an organisation of the constituted student body to which all students automatically belong. It is an interest group representing the students both internally (e.g. at the university) and externally (e.g. in state politics). Students at the University can elect the members of the Students' Union (AStA) annually, and of course put themselves up for election.

AStA represents the students’ interest in a variety of ways. It takes a position on matters of university politics, cooperating with other boards at the University. In addition to this, it promotes political education, as well as the social, ecological, musical and sporting interests of the students. If you want to start student initiatives and projects and need help, you can apply for support from AStA. The applications are discussed in public meetings, which take place every two weeks during the semester. Both financial and logistical support is possible. To fulfil its responsibilities, AStA draws up the budget for the students. All students currently pay a membership fee of € 8 per semester.

Campusfest Plakat 2015 - Komp HPThe members of AStA work in departments departments performing various responsibilities, e.g. finances, social affairs, university politics etc. In addition to this, working groups can be formed in which non-members can become actively involved.

AStA holds a General Meeting (SVV) once every semester. It is the highest student body, and requires 10% of all students to be in attendance for a quorum.

If you want more information on AStA, its members and responsibilities, or if you want to become active yourself to help improve our university, you can read our website, send us an E-Mail and/or come to one of our meetings.

All protocols can be found on EMMA+: Hochschulportal > AStA > Protokolle


Our office is located in House 4, 1st floor (entrance via external staircase, right at the building).