Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Financial Support and Lending Offers

The university offers different financial aids which parents can apply for. In addition, there is the possibility to lend notebooks and toys.

"Welcome Present" for Newborn Student Babys

To support families, students with a child born after 1/1/2011 receive a one-time welcome present - 50 euro. This grant is being held by the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder). The applications including the verifications have to be submitted to the Studentenwerk at latest eight months after birth. Of course fathers are entitled to apply as well. If both parents are enrolled at the HNE, only one welcome present will be distributed.

Application Form (by mail)

Since January 2017, the AStA of the HNEE has also offered the possibility to plant a tree for newborns. For further information please look on the pages of the AStA.

Allowance for the Semesterticket

Students with a child have the opportunity to apply every winter semester for an allowance for the costs of the Semesterticket. Apply by sending your first name, surname, adress, bank data, certificate of birth and your confirmation of enrolment to Familie@hnee.de. You can also use the mail-administrating center in house 5. (to Vera Clauder)


Allowance for the Care Costs

As long as the budget of the university allows it, there is an allowance for the care costs of children during the courses and beyond the opening times of the day-care center.

Please communicate the need at the beginning of the semester and discuss further steps with Vera Clauder (Familie@hnee.de). The amount of the allowance complies with the amont of the applied hours.


Handicraft Work and Toys

To make the lectures or the working time in the office more comfortable for children, there is the possibility to lend suitcases with toys and drawing tools. The bags and suitcases can be lended seperatly or together for a couple of hours up to a few days. There is a list on which you have to sign in before lending. You have to leave a deposit (e.g. student ID, drivers license) and on return declare defect or missing parts.

All suitcases contain a baby blanket and different toys (e.g. games, toy blocks, trains) for children between the age 0 to 6. The drawing and handicraft tools are suitable for older children.

The Suitcases are located at the following positions:

  • House 2, 1st Floor, at Mrs Beuster (Room 115) [City Campus]
  • House 5, in the Parent-Child-Room [City Campus]
  • House 11, 1st Floor at Mrs Borchert (Room 118) [Forest Campus]
  • House 12, in the Parent-Child-Room [Forest Campus]

When taking a suitcase from the Parent Child-Rooms, please inform Vera Clauder [City Campus] or the Wood Technican Office in the 1st floor [Forest Campus].



There are 13 notebooks available for lending which gives parents the opportunity to work at home. Get your informal application consisting of the reasons for lending, the lending period, name, adress, study course and matriculation number accepted by  Vera Clauder and sign in at the list in the ITSZ (house 2, 3rd floor, room 307).