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Lecturer and staff mobility

Following information regarding lecturer and staff mobility relates specifically to the promotion of outgoing mobilities of EUSD employees within the ERASMUS+ programme. Concerning other promotion possibilities for planned mobilities or if you need help with research, please contact international@hnee.de.

Mobility for teaching

Important information and documents for lecturers


Mobility for training

Important information and documents for staff


ERASMUS+ funds:

Guest lectureships at European partner universities

Stays of foreigns company staff at German universities

 Training of university staff at European universities and companies with whom we have a cooperation agreement

Following EUSD members can receive fundings:

Professors and lecturers with contractual relationship

Dozent*innen ohne Dotierung

Lecturers with work contracts

Emeritierte Professor*innen und retired Lehrende

Scientific assistants 

Where are ERASMUS+ fundings possible?

all cooperations with 28 European countries including Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and FYR Macedonia are listed here.



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