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STIBET Scholarship and mentoring programme

The STIBET scholarship and support programme is sponsored by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office. It consists of four funding programmes. The aim of the programme is to significantly improve the supervision and academic success of foreign students. The EUSD participates in the programme line STIBET I.

What types of scholarships are available in the STIBET I programme?

STIBET-I-Scholarship for finalising studies

The requirements for funding are good educational achievements and the expectation of a successful degree within one year. In addition, foreign students who have been in distress without their own fault should be given the opportunity to concentrate on their studies and final degree.

This scholarship can be awarded for up to six months. In exceptional cases an extension up to 12 months is possible. The monthly grant at the HNEE is 250 €.

STIBET-I-Scholarship for highly committed students

The requirements for funding are good educational achievements as well, but also remarkable engagement in the international context at EUSD.

In the EUSD, this commitment can include active participation in associations like the IFSA or Horizonte, the Language Café or the Buddy Team.

This scholarship can be awarded for a maximum of 12 months; an extension is possible in exceptional cases. The monthly subsidy at HNEE is 250 €.

Application and selection process

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Who can apply?
What are the application deadlines
How are the scholarship holders selected?
Who's in the selection committee?
Can I receive another scholarship at the same time?


Call for applications for the year 2021:

German: 2021_STIBET_Scholarship_Call_DEU_2021.pdf  

Englisch: 2021_STIBET_Scholarship_Call_ENG_2021.pdf   

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